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Username: sweeterlemon

Age: 20
From: Seattle, Washington United States
About: Ummm... I'm Korean :) AZN POWER~ :3 I absolutely LOVE Bread ^^ Bread is like my gateway to heaven. I can't imagine life without bread. Music is practically my life. I've been playing piano for 6 years, Flute for 1 year,violin for 2 years, and Guitar for A period of time :) MY favorite animal is the bear ^^ I find them extremely cute! :3 I enjoy watching dramas as much as i like bread. ^^ Korean Dramas are the best~! I've watched so many dramas, i can't list them ALL!! keke I absolutely HATE bugs. I HATE Bugs. XP They are annoying little buggy thingys that look disgusting.I really can't stand them... -______________- Well until next time, :) 뿅뿅~
Gender: Female
Member Since: Jul, 2011
Profile View: 499 Time(s)

Quick Comments

LoveKei2   (867 days ago)
Hey, I love all your pics of IU!! ^___^ The edits are sooo cuuuute~
Kemarulover   (942 days ago)
how come you moved to the U.S.?
Licelobax3   (966 days ago)
Thank you for accepting me :D
Raven Shim   (986 days ago)
Thanks so much for the add 8D someone thinks I'm cool? o: woot!

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